Sitekit: Improving the efficiency of health and care systems

ProjectCare: Disrupting the social care industry with a platform to consumer model that gives individuals choice and control over who cares for them and what tasks they do.



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Sitekit Applications Limited




Design for Age friendly homes, Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

Sitekit are proposing a Platform-to-Consumer product – ProjectCare – that gives individuals choice and control over who cares for them and what tasks they do. ProjectCare: a platform and user interface, will disrupt the adult social care market, placing individuals at the centre of their care by matching those needing care directly with those that can meet their needs and ensuring that care is delivered on Buurtzorg-inspired, relationship-centred principles. The approach is based on the hypothesis that business models adopted from elsewhere in the tech industry can help drive the personalisation and improvement of care.

Building on the ‘sharing economy’ model that has driven innovation in other sectors, Sitekit will disrupt current models of social care provision by creating a platform that gives its three member groups what they need: Citizens will get direct access to the types of services they need, delivered to them on a Buurtzog-inspired care model that will improve care outcomes. Social Care providers will get market access and opportunities and Public Bodies will enjoy a consolidated social care market and greater insight into current and future needs.

ProjectCare will create a revolution in long-term care, by developing and piloting in one geography our platform, demonstrating results and then scaling progressively across the country. The platform will provide a framework that will eventually enable service providers such as home care providers, concierge services, home visitors, dog walkers, gardeners and even, potentially, drivers, to offer applicable services that will enable people to take more control of their care or their time if they care for others.


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