Self-care service covering health, welbeing, safety and independence

A comprehensive and scalable all-in-one platform that provides carers with the information they need to deliver more effective and efficient care, whilst encouraging self-care. It promotes health, wellbeing, safety and independence to support people throughout their ageing journey.



Lead Organisation

Amba Health Care Limited


South West England


Managing Complaints of Ageing, Social Support Connections

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About the project

Amba Health and Care Ltd (Amba) is a UK Elderly Independent Living SME. Amba is a uniquely comprehensive and configurable platform/app that integrates mainstream digital products to provide a service that is highly personalised and delivers predictive and actionable insights to support well-being, health and safety for older people.

The project will draw on user experience and feedback through engagement with 300+ users from three different cohorts representing three different market segments. The solution involves presenting insights and a complete picture of well-being in real time in a carer app/desktop. Amba aims to create an all-in-one platform that will provide carers with the information they need to deliver care more effectively and efficiently and promote self-care.


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