Remote incontinence care innovation

Designed for Independence – a new model of (self)-care in medicines management among older people designed to be accessible by vulnerable populations is urban and rural areas, using assistive technology.



Lead Organisation

Connected Health Systems Ltd


North West


Design for Age friendly homes, Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

The UK (and global) issue of medication non-adherence — people not taking their prescribed medicines — poses a major challenge to health and social care, leading to poor health outcomes, medicines wastage, and a strain on already burdened health and social care systems. 50% of medicines prescribed for long-term health conditions are not taken as intended (NHS, 2018).

An acknowledged approach to combatting non-adherence is Medicines Optimisation (MO) — where individualised data on the impact of medication is known, so people receive the right medicines, at the right time. This includes empowering and enabling people to self-care — more easily report side-effects and move to medicines that work for them. Currently, there is no workable MO focused service model in social care. This project aims to address this.

Connected Health Systems Ltd will use their proven technology — an assistive technology used at home which identifies if, when and what quantity of medicines have been taken. This information goes into an intelligent platform, LOOP, which provides data on adherence to the service user’s carer. This system has been designed to be accessible by vulnerable populations in urban and rural areas.


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