Preventative healthcare for managing the common complaints of ageing

Increasing patient engagement with preventative healthcare across primary care, to help manage the common complaints of ageing.



Lead Organisation

Appt Health Ltd




Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

Appt-Health (Appt) is an established social enterprise with a track-record of successful innovation. Building on top of Appt’s established patient engagement platform, the project will prototype a ‘targeting engine’. This will mean that different cohorts of patients will receive different appointment invitation workflows.

This innovation serves two purposes allowing Appt to:

  1. Carry out controlled trials, to compare which invitation strategies work best.
  2. Target separate demographic cohorts with an invitation strategy that is most suited to them.

Appt will use this prototype targeting engine to carry out six controlled trials to evaluate different invitation strategies. These strategies will be informed by user needs, identified by research. By understanding which invitation strategies work best for which patient cohorts, Appt will revolutionise the way we think about patient engagement.


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