POSE AR & HeroRehab (Improving preventative care, functional fitness and mobility)

HeroRehab: An accessible and affordable at-home digital service, utilising live-body tracking, to improve preventative care, functional fitness and mobility of people as they age. Accurately reporting data to clinicians/physios.



Lead Organisation

Pose AR Limited


South East


Maintaining health at work, Managing Complaints of Ageing, Sustaining Physical Activity

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About the project

Hero¬†currently provides a more accessible, live body-tracking solution for hyper-personalised health and wellness guidance for the corporate wellness market. By comparing users’ exercises against Hero’s trainers, Hero learns and feeds back (live, during the exercise) on what they are doing well and areas of improvement, just like individuals would get with a real personal trainer.

Hero’s precision live-body tracking software, with the motivation/guidance of a human trainer, allows every workout to be personalised to help individuals get fitter, manage a health condition, or enhance their existing workout/exercise routines.

In this project, Hero intends to provide at-home fitness (preventative) and injury recovery services to become both affordable and accessible, providing premium, personalised guidance across multiple use cases, and accurately reporting data to clinicians/physios.


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