New model of self-care in medicines management

An innovative and non-invasive incontinence monitor that remotely detects an episode and prompts a well-managed care response across the care system.



Lead Organisation

Connected Healthy Limited


Northern Ireland


Design for Age friendly homes, Living well with Cognitive Impairment, Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

Connected Health and Arrow Electronics have developed an innovative and patented non-invasive incontinence monitor, called airCeption. Uniquely airCeption boasts the ability to be a remote and fully no-contact device. airCeption scans the ambient air surrounding an incontinent sufferer, searching for wetting or soiling episodes. Upon detection, airCeption transmits an alert to a dedicated member of staff allowing a prompt and well-managed care response.

Being a remote healthcare offering, all the relevant technical compliance guidelines are adhered to, including, GDPR, HIPPA, ENISA, CoP & Azure Best Practice, as well as having FCC + CE(ETSI) pre-scan checks passed.

The goal now is to fully validate the technology across relevant healthcare sectors, which include, though not limited to, Hospital Care, Nursing-home Care, EMI Care, Domiciliary/Home Care, Hospice Care, Neonatal Care.


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