Monitoring symptoms of Parkinson's disease to improve quality of life

Parkinson’s disease is characterised by movement symptoms which can vary throughout a day, and over time as the disease progresses. Effectively monitoring these symptoms can assist disease management on a day to day and long-term basis. This project will utilise a co-design process, to develop our device for measuring upper limb movement into a home monitoring tool for people with Parkinson’s disease.


Catalysts R3

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University of Wolverhampton




Living well with Cognitive Impairment, Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

Parkinson’s disease affects 1% of adults over 60 years old, and due to an ageing population, its prevalence is increasing. The disease is characterised by movement symptoms and as there is currently no cure, living well with these symptoms is a priority.

Movement symptoms vary during the course of a day and over the long-term, and being able to monitor these symptoms accurately and precisely has various benefits. These include informing current health status to help plan daily activities, and recording changes over time to enable optimisation of treatment.

We have a prototype device which accurately and precisely measures key features of upper limb movement relevant to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, while performing a short task.

This project will use co-design to develop our current prototype into a simple and easy to use home monitoring tool for people with the disease. People with Parkinson’s disease, their family members, and other key stakeholders, will be involved in the project and product design processes. Their input will drive re-designing the prototype including its digital interface, to produce a user-friendly product and digital output that allows easy interpretation of individual results.

At the end of the project, we will evaluate the final product and identify early adopters ready to trial the product for home monitoring.


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