An at home device, like Alexa or Google, using AI and therapeutic health care plans to help tailor-make treatment, manage and prevent the onset of diabetes.



Lead Organisation

Miicare Ltd




Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

MiiCare, the lead partner for this project, already has a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant (VIPA), a little like Alexa or Google (without the background recording), which currently provides support to older people living with dementia. By placing one of our devices in the home, it learns about individuals’ activities of daily living and overall health using Artificial Intelligence and using the appropriate health therapeutics care plan and nudges, helps older people to stay well.

Users don’t need a smartphone, or to know about technology. Our device comes preconfigured. It just needs to be plugged in and it can start to help.

For our project we are teaming up with DDM, a leading provider of digital health apps. DDM already has platforms that specifically help prevent and manage diabetes. We plan to work together to adapt one of DDM’s existing, clinically proven programmes, and incorporate it into our voice-based assistant. And because people from some communities are up to 6x more likely to develop diabetes, in the longer term we also plan to make it available in community languages such as Panjabi, and Urdu.

What this means is that older people will be able to access support tailored to them in the comfort of their home via a friendly, intuitive, voice-based assistant. This can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent the development of diabetes.


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