Making cricket accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere

Making cricket accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere to support physical and mental health – specifically to one of the communities it needs the most – people from the South Asian ethnicity with a focus on women.



Lead Organisation

Cricketqube Ltd


North East (England)


Creating healthy Active places, Social Support Connections, Sustaining Physical Activity

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About the project

Cricketqube was established in 2020 with the mission of making cricket accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere. Within a short frame of time, we have grown to offer our unique service of backyard cricket (BYC) to schools, corporates and families.

Backyard Cricket

BYC reimagines cricket with our all-weather backyard events complete with wheelie bins and clotheslines, taking our players to their childhood. Our events are focused on getting fit and having fun at the same time.

Target Market

With this project, we take BYC to one of the communities it needs the most – people from the South Asian ethnicity. Here BYC would take on the mantle as a one-stop solution for healthy ageing in this community.

We especially focus on the South Asian women for whom healthy ageing and an active lifestyle are virtually impossible to aspire.

Why South Asians?

There is a notable absence of social and governmental support for South Asians to engage in regular physical activity. The mental health issues of its members are often not taken seriously either.

How does BYC Benefit South Asians?

Cricketqube would develop a medical protocol – complete with physical and mental health guidelines – in order to adapt BYC to the older adults in the community. This protocol would be prepared by experts with lived experience in the community.

We would then design a delivery plan for the adapted BYC among the target audience. Crucially, this plan would then be validated by the community leaders and learning from them would help in creating the final delivery plan. A full financial budget, forecast and marketing plan would complete this phase of the project.

We would then pilot BYC in two locations in the UK – one of them exclusively for women in the community. Soon after the end of the study, BYC would ready a national roll-out through our franchises.

Key Points

  • The first company to offer a culturally fit and integrated healthy ageing solution for the South Asians in the UK.
  • Introduce mental health professionals at our events to help South Asian women to open up and seek help about their mental health – often a taboo subject in the community.
  • Introduction of a women-led steering group for BYC events for women – agency back to the women.
  • Accessible, affordable and fun events.
  • We actively collaborate with key stakeholders including community leaders, cricket bodies and healthy ageing specialists.

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