Koalaa: Soft-orthotics service to help the over 50s adapt to upper-limb impairment

A holistic soft-orthotics service to help the over 50’s adapt to upper-limb impairment and remain mobile, active, independent and socially-connected in the community.



Lead Organisation

Koalaa Limited




Managing Complaints of Ageing, Social Support Connections, Sustaining Physical Activity

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About the project

There are many contributors to loss, impairment or deterioration of upper limb function in older adults. In all instances, the majority not only struggle with everyday tasks, but are forced to stop doing the activities and hobbies they love. This leads to loss of social connections, confidence, independence and subsequently a more rapid deterioration in overall mental/physical health and steady decline in quality of life.

In response to this challenge and an identified need from Koalaa and Clinicians, Koalaa will develop “Koalaa Kommunity” – an end-to-end orthotics service that enables older adults to be provisioned (sized, fitted, trained and encouraged) with lightweight, low-cost and easy-to-fit orthosis products, complemented by a range of user-designed interchangeable toolsets to support Activities of Daily Living such as gardening, cooking, cycling etc.


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