Hearing Partners

Programme for improving hearing, communication and conversation to enhance social inclusion and productive working lives.



Lead Organisation

Hearing Partners C.I.C.


Northern Ireland


Maintaining health at work, Managing Complaints of Ageing, Social Support Connections

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About the project

The Hearing Partners programme has been developed to show people how they can improve their conversations by making simple changes in three areas. First, the programme teaches good communication tactics that can be adopted anywhere by anyone. Second, it explains how to make simple changes in the surroundings to improve the sound quality, and how to make better venue choices. And third, it offers information on some incredible pieces of technology that can help – especially some that most people will already have (eg a mobile phone) but don’t yet know to how to use to achieve better hearing.

This project will help Hearing Partners to demonstrate just how effective their programme can be in improving how people hold conversations, and the benefits this brings to their social and workplace communications. It will also show how much social value is achievable through the programme, which will help businesses justify the costs of engaging with Hearing Partners.


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