Good Boost Wellbeing: Minimising 'drop-out' rates to leisure & community services for older adult exercise, health & wellbeing

Co-designing and developing technology to maximise the ‘engagement routes’ and ‘exit routes’ for older adults with MSK complaints to sustain physical activity and wider health and wellbeing services in leisure and community venues.


Scaling Social Ventures

Lead Organisation

Good Boost (Wellbeing Limited)




Creating healthy Active places, Managing Complaints of Ageing, Social Support Connections, Sustaining Physical Activity

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About the project

Good Boost is a rapidly growing social enterprise delivering pioneering health & wellbeing technology and services. Existing delivery insight has highlighted that Good Boost’s therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation sessions in leisure venues and swimming pools are attended by a difficult to research older adult population (poor mobility, co-morbidities, inactive), with \>70% referred by clinicians. However, our data highlights a participant drop-out rate of 44% at 12-weeks, due to multiple factors. Resulting in these newly activated older adults undoing the benefits gained in Good Boost sessions and de­ conditioning.

Over the duration of this project, Good Boost will further co-design and develop their TRL3 technology to TRL8, to maximise the ‘engagement routes’ and ‘exit routes’ for older adults to sustain physical activity and wider health & wellbeing services in leisure and community venues. The project projects a post-project ROI of 25x by 2030.

Unmet need

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSKDs), such as arthritis, back pain and falls fractures represent over 22% of the ill-health burden in the UK, costing the economy and NHS £100bn+ per year. MSKDs disproportionately impact older adults, low income and BAME citizens, creating deep health inequalities.

MSKD prevalence is rising, waiting times increasing, and significant challenges are ahead to address backlogs post-COVID (CSP, 2020). Good Boost’s NHS certified technology and services are resulting in high referral rates from clinicians into our community-delivered therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation for older adults, however our participant drop-out rate is limiting our long-term impact.


Feedback from older adults and leisure providers have highlighted the opportunities to reduce the drop-off rate and to increase the new leisure participant engagement. Good Boost has the knowledge, skills and expertise to further develop their TRL3 technology that sign-posts participants from pool­ to-land exercise. The improved Saas solution will create personalised A.I. recommendations for older adults to other activities/services in leisure venues that are suitable for them (e.g. Yoga/Swimming lessons/Coffee Mornings etc) given their preferences/ability/mobility/progress with Good Boost aqua/land/virtual sessions.

The recommendation will be real-time/’live’ activities/classes available at the leisure venues through an API connection, enabling immediate booking of classes/activities. This technology will be further developed alongside the Theory of Change to minimise the barriers for older adults and maximise the features that promote greater engagement/lower drop-off.

Market opportunity

The solution will be highly valued by leisure operators seeking to increase their older adult customers and members and lifetime customer value. There is a £9.4m/£195m UK/Global opportunity for this technology.


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