Exploring the feasibility of introducing a senior co-housing model to meet the future needs of older people

Exploring the feasibility of introducing a senior cohousing model to enhance their sense of wellbeing, reduce loneliness and isolation, maintain activity and engagement. Helping older people to stay healthier for longer and enjoy continued personal autonomy and independence.



Lead Organisation

Bron Afron Community Housing Limited




Design for Age friendly homes, Social Support Connections

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About the project

Working alongside The Wales Cooperative Centre, Bron Afon community housing intend to explore the feasibility of introducing a senior cohousing model to meet the future needs of older people and to ensure that people are given more choice in their accommodation options, allowing them to age well.

Cohousing is an intentional community of private homes, clustered around a shared space, allowing people to ‘live together, apart’. People can enjoy the benefits of eating together and socialising, using shared facilities such as washing machines, tools and vehicles and the reduced cost of living and environmental impact by limiting resource consumption through the use of shared resources. Offering a way to reduce loneliness and isolation and to reduce or delay the need for people to access costly health and social care interventions. Studies of the concept from Europe have demonstrated that living in cohousing has had a positive impact of residents by, enhancing their sense of wellbeing, reducing loneliness and isolation, continued activity and engagement, the possibility of staying healthier for longer and continued personal autonomy and independence.

Cohousing relies on conscious community building, shared responsibility and commitment, democratic decision making and continued self-management, shared meals and involvement in the design of the environment. It allows older people, not to be viewed as, and feel like passive recipients of care and support but rather active, independent decision makers.


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