Developing an emergency support solution which predicts and prevents health problems

Developing the Personal Alarm Watch from an emergency support solution to one which predicts and prevents health problems using machine learning.



Lead Organisation

AE Partners Ltd




Living well with Cognitive Impairment, Managing Complaints of Ageing

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About the project

The Personal Alarm Watch builds upon the well established pendant that has been a staple in helping older people stay independent for over 30 years. However, pendants require a landline and have limited range, tethering people to their homes. Our device uses mobile networks to extend this safety net, so people have the freedom to go anywhere. A watch removes the stigma of the big red button. With these existing innovations, we increase independence, reduce isolation, promote daily activity and ultimately prevent declines in health.

With this project, we will develop the watch to not only offer emergency support but to predict and prevent health problems. This is now possible using advances in machine learning and the privileged position we sit in as the highest rated alarm system in the UK.


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