A connected guidance app that enables safer, more accessible journeys using virtual and augmented reality navigation with indoor position tracking. BriteWay-XR provides users with support from staff, family and friends alongside real-time information and intelligent routing through complex interchanges to increase confidence and independence.

Lead Organisation

Briteyellow Limited


Transport and Mobility Pathfinder

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About the project

With the support of the funding, Fredi Nonyelu, Founder/CEO of Briteyellow, and Michael Davies, Insight and Innovation Manager from Transport for Wales, will further develop BriteWay-XR – a connected guidance app and web portal that enables safer, and more accessible journeys for all.

BriteWay-XR allows older people and those with reduced mobility, to plan their journeys more effectively, and travel independently with confidence. Using virtual reality and augmented reality navigation with indoor position tracking, BriteWay-XR provides individuals with the assurance of real-time support from staff or family and friends. Real-time accessibility information and intelligent routing is used to reassure and route people in a way that avoids overcrowding and provides guidance through complex interchanges.


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