Autonomous Penetration Testing and Threat Modelling for securing AI






University of Sheffield


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Market Need

Penetration testing is used to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system, using a simulation attack to identify weak spots in a system’s defences. Current AI/ML penetration testing solutions remain manual, taking min. 15 days and costing at least $7000 for one penetration test, without guaranteeing the security of the client’s tested IP (e.g AI model, AI algorithm, AI training data).

The CybPass team spotted a market gap for an AI-led solution that allows better cost efficiency and privacy of the data set and AI asset algorithms.

The team have utilised the MITRE ATLAS frameworks and the OWASP LLM top 10, prioritising client data confidentiality through a privacy-preserving methodology.

Target Market

CybPass offers a unique platform that provides autonomous penetration testing as a service for AI-enabled assets, whilst safeguarding AI assets against evolving threats in the AI cybersecurity landscape.

Primarily serving the financial industry, CybPass specialises in securing AI assets in areas like Fraud Detection, PayTech, WealthTech, and Algo Trading. The solutions are adaptable, catering to other AI-driven sectors such as Healthcare and Automotive.

The team have benefited from the CyberASAP programme and look forward to meeting potential investors and early adopters to test their demo.

Target Market

  • AI-Driven Business
  • FinTech/Banking
  • Healthcare

Status & Needs

  • Status: Proof of concept ready
  • Status: The team are committed to protecting against the dynamic challenges in AI technologies
  • Need: Investors
  • Need: Early adopters to test the demo
  • Need: MVP development

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