Securing Critical National Infrastructure: A Digital Twin-Powered Decision Support System






De Montfort University

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Market Need

Recent cyber attacks against critical infrastructure have resulted in more than 10 companies halting operations, totalling 50 days of production loss. The main reason for premature shutdown is lack of situational awareness that enables operators to make more accurate decisions.


TwinSecure is an autonomous decision support system software powered by a digital twin model for the protected system. Performing real-time threat situational awareness, it provides the best set of actions in any given situation. The proposed actions are explained in a way that allows the decision maker to understand the potential safety, financial and environmental impact of every action.

The solution covers cyber and physical failure threats, such as natural disasters. TwinSecure supports safe and resilient critical infrastructure operation, with reduced downtime, fewer financial and environmental losses, and minimal disruption to public services.

Target Market

  • Critical National Infrastructure

Status & Need

  • Aiming to develop a visualisation tool that can give stakeholders a picture of how the complete software can help them achieve safe operation
  • Funding to develop the MVP in 12-18 months
  • Feedback and evaluation from those in the industry
  • Marketing and sales support

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