SEEV (e-voting)

The unique end-to-end verifiable e-voting system without needing any trustworthy tallying authorities




SEEV (e-voting)


Universities of Warwick & Newcastle



Spinning out - still in the university but negotiations underway to spin out

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Professional Cyber services


Post-programme funding attracted

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We provide a unique e-voting system that is fully verifiable, self-tallying, highly efficient, user friendly and very economic to run.

SEEV Technologies completed two MVPs under CyberASAP: an epolling station and an online shareholder voting system.

SEEV conducted a successful trial of the epolling station MVP at Gateshead, Newcastle on 2 May 2019 with positive feedback during the 2019 local elections (reported in BBC).

They demonstrated the shareholder voting MVP to UK Engage, one of the largest e-voting providers in the UK and received favourite feedback. UK Engage confirmed that the security and verifiability provided by the SEEV system suited the demands in the e-voting market, but said the MVP provided only 30% features of a commercial product that they would want to use.

SEEV completed a scoping exercise with UK Engage to fully specify 100% features in a website wireframe (this exercise was funded by Warwick Venture). UK Engage was very satisfied with the wireframe and expressed interest to deploy SEEV’s online system for its customers once it’s developed.

SEEV is seeking funding to support the development of the wireframe into a product.

Grant funding: Innovate UK Midlands; ICURe Cohort E: £15k

CyberASAP Year 2 Showcase

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