Protecting industrial robotic systems from cyber-physical attack




University of West London

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Market Need

Despite the huge benefits robotics brings to many businesses, there’s also a constant risk of attacks on the industrial robotic operations, especially as the robotics space moves towards autonomy in so-called ‘smart factories’. Industrial robots are widely integrated within the network ecosystem for remote interaction, leaving them compromised through system vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and insider attacks.

Whilst there are products that focus on the security hardening of the robotic system — providing front-line defence — the industry is yet to deliver a real-time anomaly detection and prevention system.


ROS-PCon stands at the second line of defence, analysing problems such as changing of robot operation, behavioural anomalies, machinery health and safety, and the risk to robotic operators. By learning the robotic movement in a best-case environment, ROS-PCon can highlight anomalies when it spots something unusual.

The system helps expose any stealthy hacking activity, but can also serve health and safety purposes too. Anomalies may also be caused by technical malfunctions or failures, which ROS-PCon can detect before these break down or cause potential harm to workers.

Target Market

  • Industry 4.0 Manufacturing & Automation
  • Nuclear Robotics
  • Biomedical Robotics

Status & Needs

  • Proof of Concept complete
  • Moving to business development and beta-testing
  • Seeking funding to continue development of MVP

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