Online Investigations, Simplified




University of Hertfordshire





Cyber Type

Professional Cyber services, Threat intel, monitoring, detection and analysis, Digital and online investigations

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80% of peacetime intelligence is obtained from open sources, so open-source collection is a crucial tool for the modern cyber investigator.

OSIRT is your investigation, simplified; it provides a comprehensive, all-in-one platform from artefact capture to report to court, all without the need to be an expert user. OSIRT is cross-platform and plugs into your browser, ensuring the full and transparent capture of online artefacts, such as screenshots, source code and embedded videos.

OSIRT builds your case in the background, maintaining a chronological list of your activity so you can just focus on your online investigation. OSIRT has built a strong user base since its invention in 2015, from law enforcement to private investigators, with over 50,000 downloads to date from users across the globe.


OSIRT Demonstrator



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