Connecting IT systems to cloud services with cyber-safe technology




Oxford Brookes University


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Market Need

SMEs frequently need to update their IT stack with new data, analytical systems and assessment elements to test and evaluate new approaches and technologies. Yet over 60% of small software integration projects are severely delayed due to a lack of software developers.

The number of AI solutions and services in the cloud are rapidly expanding, so companies are increasingly needing to connect to these services. A common way of solving this is to go to the IT department — but with so many requests, delays are inevitable.


A solution is needed to make connecting these systems easier and safer, instead of people just accepting systems as is. Current solutions are heavyweight tools requiring expensive specialists, lightweight tools requiring substantial software knowledge, or low-code tools requiring an entire IT-system architecture change.

MoFish is a web app that allows people to register web services and connect them visually. It enables those with limited technical knowledge to add new cloud-based IT services. Cyber security measures will also be embedded, making it easy for users to stay alert to potentially dangerous connections.

Target Market

  • Companies using cloud-based IT services
  • Businesses seeking unique data sources
  • IT systems managers

Status & Needs

  • Prototype in testing
  • Have funding from university for MVP
  • Seeking industry feedback on beta version

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