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Lancaster University

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Market Need

Artificial intelligence is an aggressively expanding market and is delivering high value within many businesses. But such technology leaves them vulnerable to adversarial attacks, including those not solvable by firewalls or encryption. This can cause loss of financial and market position, GDPR fines and reputational damage.

Performing cyber risk assessment of AI technologies is difficult and expensive. It requires many years of training in AI and cyber, so there’s a skills shortage and limited talent pool. With no best practice and a rapidly-changing landscape, a solution is needed.


Mindgard is a Deep Tech company offering specialist cyber security B2B software and consultancy services. The aim is to provide a quick, intuitive, jargon-free software solution that reduces the risk analysis process from months to minutes. The system will allow users to rapidly design, analyse and report AI technology cyber risk against thousands of state-of-the-art scenarios.

Mindgard aims to speed up the process of AI assessment, compressing 6-9 months of work into 60 seconds. It runs real threat scenarios and full-stack attacks, delivering significant time and cost savings.

Target Market

  • AI-ready businesses
  • Technology and defence sectors
  • Enterprise AI creators and consumers

Status & Needs

  • Software works and delivers value
  • Seeking investors to help grow into a company
  • Already have interest from several investors

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