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Market Need

Despite some $140 million worth of crypto being lost as a result of failing custody approaches, investors are still paying a fortune for services which are costly, inflexible and inaccessible. Storing the private keys of these digital assets is challenging, making crypto asset security a huge concern.

Current technologies include MultiSignature, Hardware Security Module (HSM) devices, and Multiparty Computation (MPC). While HSM-based wallets suffer from accessibility issues and risk too much manual intervention, MPC and Multi Signature wallets aren’t flexible enough or are too complex to implement.


LastingAsset proposes a novel, highly secure, cost efficient and convenient crypto assets custody platform. Using cutting edge technologies, it provides peace of mind to investors, keeping assets safe and accessible. Multi-layer security, innovative backup and recovery mechanisms, and no single point of failure are just some of the benefits of this innovative system.

Others include full key ownership, non-custodian and custodian options, as well as enforceable and  flexible governance policies. LastingAsset is also decentralised, scalable and compliance ready, using simple, trusted, execution environment technology for key generation, with full accountability.

Target Market

  • Crypto asset investors/owners
  • Companies producing crypto assets e.g. for luxury goods
  • Future plans to support law firms in document security

Status & Needs

  • Prototype ready spring 2023
  • Aiming to deliver pilot project
  • MVP delivery mid-late 2023

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