IoT- Armor

Empowering IoT’s future with education on seamless secure-by-default integration




IoT- Armor


University of West London

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Market Need

IoT devices are becoming more integrated into our daily lives, but studies reveal that inadequate implementation of secure design principles is a major contributor to device vulnerabilities. In March 2024, a Code of Practice for Consumer IoT devices will be mandated by the UK government, emphasising Security-byDefault principles for enhanced security.

Yet, a substantial gap remains in educating individuals about implementing Security-by-Default principles. IoT-Armor founder Dr. Waqar Asif is on a mission to improve accessibility to cybersecurity education within universities.


IoT-Armor provides a custom firmware toolkit utilising widely available
components. The toolkit empowers users to test, learn, and implement crucial security measures such as secure boot, remote attestation, device tamper detection, secure communication, and device authentication.

Dr Asif hopes to pilot test the project with higher education institutes, before launching an MVP in the next nine to 12 months. Long-term plans include an entirely cloud-based solution as well as a standalone device for IoT device protection.

Target Market

  • Higher Education Institutes
  • Security Education trainers
  • IoT Device Manufacturers

Status & Needs

  • Proof of concept complete
  • Funding
  • Higher education clients for testing

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