Portable Wireless intrusion prevention systems for smarphones and tablets






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Public Wi-Fi is a cost-effective service used by 70% of tablet users and 53% of smartphone users. Unfortunately, security on public Wi-Fi networks is frequently non-existent or inadequate, exposing corporate data and personal information to sophisticated and untraceable threats. The use of security mechanisms, such as VPN, Unified Endpoint Managers and Mobile Threat Defence tools has become critically important for protecting end-user devices. However current security solutions manifest limitations with regards to adaptability, scope and resources.

INSURE is a Portable Intrusion Prevention System specially designed to protect smartphones and Tablets against cyberattacks in public Wi-Fi networks. In contrast to existing solutions, the unique statistical engine at the core of INSURE enables unsupervised and adaptive real-time detection on mobile devices, without the need for cloud-based services or access to the internet if the network is compromised by persistent threats. This software can be offered to end-users as a standalone mobile app or embedded into existing security solutions.

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