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Leeds Beckett University



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Market Need

The need for training cyber security professionals is unavoidable and more pressing than ever. In the past year, almost half of all cyber sector firms have faced skills gaps, thanks to huge shortfalls in skilled individuals.

Current hacking platforms or cyber security education tools offer a typically poor desktop experience and limited tracking of skills development. In addition, they are vulnerable to cheating and only offer manually-created, static challenges which are only suitable for one-time use. The market is undergoing extreme growth,
and needs a more up-to-date solution.


Hacktivity is different from competitors, thanks to a code-based approach that generates new scenarios and challenges each time you access the platform. This helps solve problems of plagiarism and provides real-life systems to practise attacking. The platform offers realism, depth and industry relevance not seen in any other systems.

It also provides continuous development, with randomisation offering endless combinations of possibilities. It aims to deliver cyber security education in a fun and safe space, where students, hobbyists and enthusiasts can learn through doing.

Target Market

  • B2C end consumer interested in developing skills
  • B2B businesses with training requirements
  • Businesses who need platforms to deliver training

Status & Needs

  • Live system already being used by hundreds of students
  • Developers hired to progress to market in 2023
  • Exploring options for investment

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