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GuardKeeper is The Security Shed’s flagship product. GuardKeeper protects against the very real risk of Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks against web users, servers and services.

95% of securely connected servers are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. The padlock in a web browser only indicates a secure connection, not who you are connected to. Even with using modern protocols, an attacker could be present within the connection. These types of attacks can lead to account compromises and exposure to private and sensitive information. Attacks on customers can cause a company to have bad press and can lead to a bad reputation. Furthermore, this can lead to a loss of customers and business. Our solution allows a user to not only establish whether they have a secure connection, but who they are connected with.

This increases trust and security for the user and will benefit the customer as they will have an increased reputation for security for their users, and a lower risk of security breaches. GuardKeeper comes in two parts. The first part for the end-user comes as a web extension. This is convenient and efficient and doesn’t need technical knowledge to set up and use. It also provides the user with visual feedback which is clear and easy to understand. The second part is for developers of the company who buys our product. It is a simple to import and use code library which will allow for easy implementation.

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