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Market Need

95% of cyber security breaches are a result of human error, yet the cyber security awareness programmes currently available to businesses offer no real evidence or insight into the security behaviours of the workforce.

In order to reduce the risk from human error, employers need insight into the individual attitudes and behaviours of their workforce. At present, this type of data is not available and the majority of cyber security awareness training methods are merely a tick-box exercise and offer no demonstrable reduction in risk.


GICAST is a game-based cyber behaviour assessment and skills training platform, offering businesses insight into employee behaviour through the power of game mechanics and learner behavioural analytics.

This solution helps businesses reduce security risks and threats due to human-factors, increase compliance with security policies and protocols, and create long-lasting behavioural change. It will also help them apply the right levers to enhance their security posture and optimise their time, effort and budget, making strategic decisions and focusing on the right areas of their business, while maintaining their reputation.

Target Market

  • Businesses with cyber security training requirements
  • Critical infrastructure sector
  • Government organisations

Status & Needs

  • PoC complete – already have early adopters
  • Looking to deliver an impact evaluation report
  • Seeking angel investment to develop MVP

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