Fast and Autonomous Platform Anomalies Detection in CPS






University of Essex

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Market Need

Critical systems, such as the power grid, autonomous transportation and industrial robots are examples of cyber-physical systems (CPS), which have recently seen an 80% increase in cyberattacks. These cost the sector huge monetary losses, approximately £20,000 per minute.


Industries rely on traditional software based intrusive security mechanisms to tackle attack scenarios. FORENSIC is a hardware-software co-design-based solution that rapidly and autonomously monitors the system health by collecting low-level hardware features from the target device that are hard to compromise for threat detection. It is quicker, cheaper and less power consuming than its rivals.

FORENSIC employs novel, innovative AI techniques to detect any operational changes in the system when an attacker might reach the critical component of the system. The software doesn’t rely on modelling of the software applications running on the platforms, and can be calibrated and adapted to different execution platforms.

Target Market

  • UK-based smart manufacturers and critical infrastructure providers
  • Automotive industry and healthcare
  • Security solution providers within Industry 4.0

Status & Need

  • Proof of concept ready
  • Status: Looking to spin out
  • Need : Give potential investors a chance to interact with the POC

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