The holistic security solution ensuring cyber-resilient railway systems




University of Salford, De Montfort University, University College London and Keele University

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Market Need

The digitisation of rail systems allows for improved capacity, traffic management, reliability and energy efficiency. However, although we haven’t yet seen a cyber attack on train control systems, researchers in this area have identified threats and the need to come up with a solution before the digitisation of our rail systems is complete.

Existing security research solutions include hardware security, model-based security, and offline security learning systems. However, we currently lack a comprehensive security solution with humans involved in the operation cycle.


A real-time security monitoring and management system is required, one that doesn’t simply offer a hardware-based solution or pure detection algorithm. DRS’OSA offers on-board detection and real-time incident management, reducing the risk or damage of a cyber attack.

DRS’OSA also provides multi-channel monitoring and an adaptive anomaly detection system. It delivers fast response and fast recovery by linking with the digital twin of the railway operation centre, and puts humans in the operation cycle to provide the bridge between cyber attack information and cyber incident management.

Target Market

  • Rail industry – existing links with East West Rail
  • Future plans to connect to energy industry

Status & Needs

  • Currently working on Proof of Concept
  • Hoping for industry approval and recognition of need

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