A dynamic, AI-powered self-assessment cybersecurity tool for small businesses






University of Essex


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Market Need

CyberSecurityAId is tackling the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of small businesses that often lack the resources to implement effective cyber hygiene practices – leaving them exposed to digital threats.


CyberSecurityAId is a self-assessment tool powered by Large Language Models (LLMs). It’s designed to provide small businesses with affordable and accessible means to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and practices. The tool offers tailored recommendations that aim to protect their key assets, systems, and processes.

The team’s long term goal is to see a large proportion of UK companies utilising the tool and noticing a difference in the safety of their business.

Target Market

  • Insurance companies
  • Cybersecurity accreditation bodies
  • Cyber Resilience Centres
  • Public support and membership organisations
  • Managed service providers

Status & Needs

  • Proof of concept ready
  • Undergone extensive market validation
  • Further development funding for MVP
  • Investors & partners

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