Detecting and deterring attacks on electric vehicle charging points




Warwick University


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Market Need

As demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, so too does the need for electric charging points. But now there’s an additional requirement to secure electric car charging stations and protect them from cyber threats, particularly those used with smart devices.

Current methods rely on end-to-end encryption which isn’t an ideal solution for EV charging points and cannot be implemented in old devices. With new government regulations dictating that all charging stations must be compatible with smart devices, the need to secure them is greater than ever.


Researchers at the University of Warwick recognised the need for a tailor-made solution – one that was more accurate but lower cost. They created CLADDED: a data-driven online behaviour-monitoring software framework, designed specifically for EV charging points.

This cross-layered, data-driven system is designed to detect and deter attacks on electric vehicle charging stations. It offers cutting-edge, artificial intelligence-based solutions for charging firms that seek to secure their charging points. Unlike encryption-based solutions, CLADDED is scalable and easy to integrate into both new and existing EV charging points.

Target Market

  • Electric vehicle charging point providers
  • Also scope to target the National Grid

Status & Needs

  • Back-end of product complete
  • Seeking investment and engineer support

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