Providing cyber-physical security and safety for smart homes




Cardiff University


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Market Need

Smart homes contain programmable electronic devices that enable home automation and interconnectivity. However, conventional home security or network protection systems focus on purely cyber or physical events, rather than a combined approach, meaning they fail to detect certain intrusions.

The need to protect smart homes against these types of attacks is increasing. Traditional security systems are either network or physical-based, but currently, no one is offering a combined solution. Should front-line security systems fail, smart homes would be left vulnerable, so a more resilient, complementary solution is needed.


CASPER Shield looks for abnormal occurrences using first-hand cyber and physical data rather than relying on insecurely transmitted, manipulable second-hand data. It deploys AI-based algorithms to discover anomalies in real time, based on the behaviours of devices and occupants.

This novel system aims to protect you and your connected things from criminals and make connected living spaces more secure and safe. The approach is built on edge computing, ensuring end-user data security and confidentiality to ensure maximum privacy.

Target Market

  • Internet Service Providers
  • IoT smart home ecosystem manufacturers
  • End-users will be smart home owners

Status & Needs

  • Proof of concept complete
  • Working on business development and R&D
  • Seeking partner with whom to run a pilot

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