Monitoring Blockchains to detect attacks and misbehaviours






University of Oxford


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Market Need

Attacks on Blockchains can harm users and providers, but businesses are
now adopting Blockchain in broader applications – and compromise could
result in significant damage.

Businesses need to be able to detect and respond to attacks, but Blockchains are often adopted with little or no tooling for attack detection, putting organisations at risk and creating compliance challenges.


BlockHawk is an attack-detection software for Blockchain. It watches the Blockchain for indicators of external attacks or internal misbehaviours, using Machine Learning and rule-based algorithms. Understanding
Blockchain security is complex, which is where the BlockHawk team comes.

BlockHawk presents users with information about potential attacks and the consequences in a way that is comprehensible and actionable. For businesses using Blockchain, this technology offers risk-reduction and compliance benefits. For providers, it offers the potential benefit of increasing clients’ trust in the security of the Blockchain offering.

BlockHawk are looking for advisors and partners that can help them to spin out after the programme.

Target Market

  • Blockchain consortia based in the UK and Europe

Status & Need

  • Proof of concept and testing complete
  • Test sites and potential early adopters
  • Increased contacts and network
  • Financial support to develop the POC into an MVP
  • Business development advice
  • Sales and marketing partners

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