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By 2020 there will be more than 5 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices worldwide. Today these devices include connected cars, smart buildings, smart homes and even medical devices where Bluetooth is used to access sensitive data and control critical functions within the device. Due to Bluetooth’s complexity and its differences from traditional wireless networks, the security analysis of these devices requires very specialised knowledge and professionals. BLEMAP gives insight into what Bluetooth devices do and how secure they are.

Our technology identifies security threats in a wide range of Bluetooth devices, enabling organisations to secure their wireless environments. BLEMAP is automatic, cost-efficient and effective and also allows security consultancy companies to save time and easily expand their range of services to Bluetooth security analysis. BLEMAP has been developed by researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London. We have extensive experience in IoT and Smart-devices security backed by peer-reviewed publications in international venues and industry consultancy.


“Despite not being able to move the project forward, the program has changed how I view my life in academia and is shaping how I want to progress in my future career. The people delivering and managing the program are incredibly well prepared and motivated and deliver a program of outstanding quality. Unfortunately, I think Universities need more involvement to make things work as they are ones of the main difficulties I found when dealing with the program (and made me stop progressing due to a change of priorities of the College due to COVID-19)”

Dr Jorge Blasco Alis


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