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Making society safer by reducing the risk of industrial cyber-attacks




Awen Collective


University of South Wales





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SCADA & information control system


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Awen Collective is making society safer by reducing the risk of cyber attacks to the services that we rely on daily. Awen does this by developing software products developed for the specific needs of the industrial sectors.

Trials with: Raytheon UK, UK Ministry of Defence, variety of other manufacturers, water companies and energy companies in the UK and internationally.

Accelerators: Cyber101, Tech Nation.

Formal partnership with: Booz Allen Hamilton and a few smaller partners. Informal partnerships with KPMG, PwC and many other smaller partners.

Funding: received equity investment from Development Bank of Wales, Inspire Growth Wales and angels, investment from SFC Capital and Dutch Security Tech Fund of TIIN Capital


“CyberASAP kickstarted my journey and gave me the confidence to step away from academia, and do something that potentially makes a huge impact to society”

Daniel Lewis, Founder, Awen Collective


CyberASAP Year 1 Showcase


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