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University of Sheffield


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Market Need

At present, the majority of large IT vendors invest in developing private security systems for their projects which — due to a failure to detect and mitigate zero-day trojans — leaves them vulnerable to breaches.

Whilst existing solutions make use of the Trojan Detection System, capable of mitigating known trojan signatures, there is currently no solution to combat unseen attacks. These solutions use firewall, cryptography, Automotive Penetration Testing and Authenticated frame transmission. However, they lack adaptivity, and are both expensive and resource exhaustive.


The team behind ATDPS seek to be the first in the market to provide significant protection against zero-day trojans, with a long-term ambition of providing security throughout the entire phase of an IC (integrated circuit) supply chain.

Their unique system provides a lightweight, adaptive and inexpensive solution with resilience against unknown trojans and scalability. It focuses on two areas: a Machine Learning (ML)-based approach for Trojan Detection and Prevention System and a Physically Unclonable Function (PUF)-based hardware protection system.

Target Market

  • Fabless manufacturers
  • SMEs with interest in this area
  • Targeting autonomous vehicle industry as entry to market

Status & Needs

  • MVP completed by mid-February 2023
  • Working on packages with two different partners
  • Seeking support from automobile/hardware security industries

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