Rapid and autonomous threat modelling using innovative AI technology




Loughborough University & University of Warwick


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Market Need

Nearly half of UK smart manufacturers have been targeted by cyber threats, with attacks increasing and diversifying thanks to rapid asset digitisation. Despite this, security analysts are still relying on manual processes to investigate and devise attack scenarios.

Manual threat modelling processes are slow, taking 56 days on average – and up to 700 days in 12% of cases – to identify exploited vulnerabilities. Not only does it take time, but the mitigation actions generated are usually generic and difficult to put into context for individual companies.


ANTHEM is the only AI solution that rapidly and autonomously generates attack graphs for threat modelling. It utilises an innovative technology to prioritise mitigation actions quicker and cheaper than any of its rivals.

This system adapts to environmental changes in an iterative and autonomous way in order to identify paths that an attacker may take to reach a critical asset, by combining threat scenarios and risk profiles. It prioritises threats based on their criticality and likelihood, as well as mitigation controls within acceptable time frames.

Target Market

  • UK-based smart manufacturers and critical infrastructure organisations
  • Automotive and Pharmaceutical
  • Security solution providers within Industry 4.0

Status & Needs

  • Hope to have AI component complete by end of Feb
  • Need support to form business development plan
  • Seeking investment from angel investors and seed funding

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