Newton Gateway to Mathematics


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The Newton Gateway to Mathematics is the impact initiative of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, based at the University of Cambridge. The Gateway reaches out to and engages with the users of mathematics – in industry, business, public sector and other scientific disciplines. It helps to bridge the gap between those engaged in frontier mathematical research and those working in more applied areas, by stimulating the interchange of knowledge and ideas.

Through its established relationships with universities across the UK, within the Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators programme, the Gateway can connect businesses with the most appropriate mathematical and statistical modellers. In addition to providing the contractual hub for specific projects with the UK academic mathematical scientists, it can also facilitate other engagement mechanisms to help broker interaction with mathematical science research expertise more widely. This brings additional capability to the programme, to provide fundamental mathematical and statistical modelling in addition to existing partners who mainly supply physical testing, and/or computer simulation expertise.


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