ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) at Swansea University unites academia and industry to tackle complex manufacturing challenges. Elite academics, cutting-edge research, and advanced facilities, ASTUTE drives innovation across:

  • Computational Engineering Modelling: Simulations inform product performance and efficiency – Including: heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics, and magnetics in Multiphysics models for comprehensive insights.
  • Advanced Materials Analysis: Studying intricate alloys, polymers, composites, semiconductors, and digital materials, investigating fatigue, creep, embrittlement, surface degradation, oxidation, corrosion, UV susceptibility – Access to electron microscopes, AFM, X-ray Analysis, XPS, (micro)FTIR, printing and coating, energy measurement facilities.
  • Manufacturing System Engineering: Develop sustainable products via integrated data, materials, energy, and transport. Emphasis: Robotics, Data analysis, sensor technology for optimised sustainable product development.

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