Supporting Nile tilapia production through the introduction of modern genomic and breeding tools for indigenous farmed strains in Uganda


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 6





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh – Robert Mukiibi
Africa-registered Partner: OWANMWAN Aquaculture Limited – Simon Owani Olok

Fish is a major source of high-quality protein in Uganda and the surrounding regions. This fish is majorly sourced from the wild, but contribution from the local aquaculture sector is growing rapidly with the current contribution of 20% of the country’s annual fish output.

Nile tilapia is an important aquaculture species in Uganda, accounting for close to 50% of the total aquaculture production of the country. However, the production efficiency of the industry is immensely constrained by the lack of access to good quality seed especially among smallholder farmers who majorly rely on local hatcheries that barely apply any selective breeding seed production schemes.

With the aim of enhancing Nile tilapia production efficiency in Uganda, the current project is aiming at supporting OWANMWAN Aquaculture Limited to improve its seed production programme through the integration of breeding and genetics tools. We will evaluate the genetic diversity and inbreeding of OWANMWAN Aquaculture Limited’s current broodstock. We will also establish individual fish identification and phenotype recording system to allow evaluation of the selection candidates for a more efficient breeding programme.


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