Pyrolysis of poultry waste for energy and nutrient recovery for sustainable farming


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 1





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: University of Huddersfield – Dr Daya Pandey
Africa-registered Partner: Change Partners International – Akachukwu Okafor

Poultry is the most rapidly expanding livestock sector growing globally to meet the increasing demand for poultry meat and eggs. This project proposed an innovative and sustainable technology (pyrolysis) for processing the poultry litter. The proposal also responded to the societal demand for a more resource efficient and less carbon intensive farming while utilising locally available animal manure for decentralised energy systems and nutrients recycling.

Our feasibility study was focused on analysing the effect of biochar on the plant growth using pot-trial tests on Basil and Cassava. It was observed that plant germination in normal soil was better compared to when soil was blended with biochar. Nevertheless, the plant growth rate in soil blended with biochar was higher compared to the plant growth in normal soil (without biochar).

The research findings from this study demonstrated that poultry litter derived biochar can be used as an alternative source of nutrients. However, further tests are needed to understand the plant nutrient uptake efficiency and potential emissions from the soil. In addition, it is worth exploring options to utilise animal waste derived biochar in hydroponics growing medium due to its (biochar) porous nature.


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