NextGEN rice processing - solar powered Nigeria pilot


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 3





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: Koolmill Systems Limited – Alec Anderson
Africa-registered Partner: Nayo Tropical Technology Limited – Anayo Okenwa

The current rice value chain is distorted in favour of large commercial processors and marketeers. Smallholders and micro-processors, excluded from access to modern high-performance solutions by cost, infrastructure, and capacity, do not receive their fair share of the value they create.

Micro-processors are restricted to using antiquated, often diesel driven, high-power and destructive machinery resulting in post-harvest losses (Food Loss) of 12.4% or more. Locked into costly, poorly performing machinery they cannot compete on price and quality with commercial mills and imported rice.

Koolmill’s ultra-low power rice milling technology can be downsized to match capacity and power requirements, without loss of performance. Effectively, ”shrinking” a modern high-performance rice mill offers a viable distributed off-grid milling solution that exceeds the performance of large mills at a fraction of the cost.

This project will demonstrate the capability of a solar powered rice mill in rural Kenya. A successful project will create and retain value in the community from processing high-quality locally grown rice.


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