Investigating the impacts of using quarry fines on crop yield, soil health and carbon dioxide removal from atmosphere in Tanzania


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 4





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: UNDO Carbon Ltd – XinRan Liu
Africa-registered Partner: Sokoine University of Agriculture – Hamisi Tindwa

UNDO Carbon Ltd, a UK based carbon dioxide removal company, visited Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) to discuss and plan a collaborative field trial investigating whether the application of mafic quarry fines (produced as a by-product by the mining industry) could: (1) increase crop yields, (2) improve soil fertility and (3) improve the nutritional content of crops.

We spent 4 days with our partner, Professor Marwa. The crux of the trip was spent planning a field trial experiment, which we are hoping to start in April this year. Our trial will use two of Tanzania’s most common crops: lowland (irrigated) rice and maize, measuring a variety of agronomic parameters to see if quarry fines make farming efforts more productive and to ensure safety. We have land, and can make use of the excellent analytical facilities at SUA to analyse our samples.

Since returning, we have designed a research plan for the 5-month field trial. We also spent time presenting our work. One the first day we gave an overview of our company operates, presenting on how enhanced weathering works, how we are currently measuring and modelling carbon dioxide removal, the potential of enhanced weathering in Tanzania and the agronomic benefits of applying crushed rock to agricultural land. We were able to inform the audience about our business and also learnt from other people’s opinions based on their in-country knowledge. We also visited a local quarry and a sugar company so learn more about quarrying and small-holder agriculture in Tanzania.


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