Improving sustainability of feed systems through valorisation of agricultural wastes


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 3





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: University of Sheffield – James McGregor
Africa-registered Partner: Sanergy – Tim Egan

Animal feed and fertiliser can be produced from black soldier fly larvae reared on biomass materials including agricultural wastes. This project aimed to improve the sustainability of feed systems based on this technology by developing and demonstrating methods to pretreat such wastes in order that they could be more readily converted into valuable feed by black soldier fly larvae.

Specifically, wheat bran sourced in Kenya was utilised as the biomass material of interest. A biological fermentation was successfully demonstrated as a suitable pretreatment approach through laboratory studies at the University of Sheffield.

Trials, to demonstrate the validity of this approach in the field, are planned to take place in the next stage of the collaboration after the end of the funding period.

Learn more about the project in this recording from our recent GCRF AgriFood Africa Project Showcase event.


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