Enhancing Farm Soil Health with Nutrient-Rich Frass Compost


GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 6





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About the project

UK-registered Partner: University of Warwick – Robert Lillywhite
Africa-registered Partner: Sanergy Ltd – Binagwaho Gakunju

This project aims to produce a high nutrient organic fertiliser from insect frass produced from the carbon-friendly processing of organic waste streams in Kenya. This fertiliser is expected to boost farm soil health by improving its organic carbon content and water-holding capacity, while delivering valuable nutrients that would otherwise be added from expensive, imported synthetic fertilisers.

The goal is to expedite the transformation of frass into a beneficial soil amendment, enhancing the soil’s structure and capacity to support crop growth by optimising the insect feed recipes for high quality frass production, and selecting the appropriate frass treatment process to maintain an affordable, efficient conversion of frass to finished organic fertiliser. By doing this, we will show the technical feasibility of an affordable, nutrient rich organic fertiliser that has a long lasting impact on the health of Kenyan soils.


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