UK-Kenya Alternative Proteins Global Innovation Network

The UK-Kenya Alternative Proteins Global Innovation Network will tackle the dual challenge of rising protein demand and environmental concerns by fostering collaboration and innovation to foster sustainable and healthy alternatives, promoting economic growth, sustainability, and resilient food systems.

About the network

Delivered by Innovate UK Global Alliance Africa, this Global Innovation Network is Innovate UK Global Alliance Africa’s priority for the Kenya agriculture sector. The network will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors from the UK and Kenya to support the development of sustainable alternative protein products and services.

The network will focus on three communities: Insects for food, Plant-based proteins, and Fermentation but has launched with the first two pillars. These communities will provide a platform for members to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and access funding and support opportunities.


  • Connect stakeholders: Facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration to enhance food security and nutrition 
  • Drive innovation: Identify sustainable and resilient protein solutions through alternative sources
  • Boost economies: Increase market access, funding, and investment opportunities 
  • Build capacity: Enhance knowledge and skills within the alternative protein ecosystem 

Focus Areas

The UK-Kenya Alternative Proteins Global Innovation Network will consider the role of innovation in three key areas. The network is dedicated to advancing the fields of alternative proteins, with a particular focus on insects, plant-based proteins, and fermentation—initially launched with a concentrated effort on insects and plant-based proteins.
Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins

This group will focus on the development of plant-based, high protein products for human consumption. This includes both algae and land-based crops.

Insects for food

Insects for food

This group will focus on the use of innovative technologies for the development of insect-based protein products for human consumption incorporating insect-based proteins into various food products.



This group will focus on the development of fermentation-based protein products for human consumption.

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