Sustainable Impact Investment Programme

The Sustainable Impact Investment Programme catalyses 13 impactful startups to grow and scale through the tools and connections for investment.

About the programme

The Sustainable Impact Investment Programme (SIIP) is a three-month accelerator programme, specially designed for selected startups who have previously received funding from Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund. The objective is to prepare both the business and founders of the 13 winning startups, with the knowledge, tools and investor connections to raise their next round of investment up to £5m through a confident proposition, materials, and communications.

The SIIP is an initiative led and funded by Innovate UK to support high growth impact-driven startups from the UK who were awarded grants from the Sustainable Innovation Fund to aid economic recovery after Covid-19. This programme is a collaborative effort by Innovate UK Business Connect and Growth Studio.

During the programme, companies will receive a syllabus of group workshop-led support, expert insight from investors, and tailored 1-1 support to help them prepare and navigate raising money. SIIP will end with a Demo Day delivered in the final week of the programme to an audience of relevant early-stage investors. Watch the video below to find out more.


The Sustainable Innovation Fund

The SIF included three rounds of funding and a specific competition focused on Small Business Research. Businesses working on innovative projects across a variety of technologies, markets, and regions accessed the funding. The portfolio focuses on companies tackling Covid-19 recovery, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and Net Zero. You can browse and watch some of the highlighted stories here.

Meet the Cohort

  • We make continuous, clean energy affordable and accessible.

    Our floating power platforms generate 100% carbon-free energy, 24-hours a day from one of the world’s most abundant natural resources; flowing river water.


    Contact: Tim Wood

    Find out more about: Achelous Energy
  • We aim to bring affordable clean energy to the developing world. The quest will help the developing world to leap-frog fossil fuel-dependent development.


    Contact: James Kong

    Find out more about: ALP Technologies
  • Making Better Insects.

    We help insect farmers grow higher yield, higher performance insects, to be used as an alternative protein source for animal feed.

    Contact: Thomas Farrugia


    Find out more about: Beta Bugs
  • We are on a mission to reduce the damage our food does to the planet. We develop plant-based ingredients and formulations for mass market food manufacturers to make tastier, more sustainable, ethical, nutritious food products.


    Contact: Azhar Murtuza 

    Find out more about: Born Maverick
  • We’re on a mission to change entire agriculture supply chains who together can make a bigger sustainability impact than simply the sum of each company’s individual efforts. 

    Greener makes it easier, quicker and smarter for food businesses to connect with partners, suppliers and even customers who are commercially relevant and ethically aligned.



    Dan Yates – 

    Mehrnaz Tajmir – 


    Find out more about: Greener
  • Avatr enables doctors to create highly personalised care plans for patients that has proven to increase adherence by over 80%. It allows hospitals to monitor patients in their own home at scale, whilst giving patients the comfort of staying connected to their clinical teams in their most vulnerable time.


    Contact: Michael Wilkinson 

    Find out more about: Avatar
  • We’re on a mission to bring better mental health to everyone. 

    Our first product in development, Seren, allows clinicians to provide proven therapy based treatment to those dealing with difficult menopause related symptoms, but at scale, in a patients own home and with far lower costs of care.

    Contact: Becky Cotton 

    Find out more about: Lumino
  • We convert waste bananas into products which accelerate the growth and productivity of industrially important microbes

    Our organic banana extract increases yield in alcohol fermentations by over 20% and significantly shortens bio-energy production processes whilst also giving more product.


    Contact: Andrew Lee

    Find out more about: Lytergo
  • At Orora, we believe that the financial system is failing the most vulnerable in our society. 

    We have created a regulatory compliant way for governments, banks, and other institutions to provide digital banking services to those without an address who would otherwise be excluded from the financial system.


    Contact: Victoria Thompson

    Find out more about: Orora
  • We give children a new and trendy wardrobe of ethically sourced clothes that parents can exchange for bigger sizes and new styles, whenever they like, as often as they like.


    Contact: Charlotte Morley 


    Find out more about: The Little Loop
  • VENTETE has created the first bicycle helmet that folds into the size of a small laptop, making it the most convenient option for cyclists to carry in their bags between commutes. 

    We have completely reimagined the helmet, all without compromising on comfort and maintaining best-in-class safety using our multi-patented inflatable technology.



    Ben Sykes-thompson – 

    Colin Herperger – 

    Nicole Vulej – 

    Find out more about: Ventete
  • Our fully automated employment law and industrial relations guidance service enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) facilitates the resolution of potential disputes between employees and employers before it turns into a formal complaint, reducing the burden on Acas and the Employment Tribunal.


    Contact: Mark Pearce

    Find out more about: Wyser
  • The next big evolution in wellness technology is blood-glucose monitoring. Whatever your lifestyle or fitness level, your blood sugar can tell you when and how much to eat, and what foods to avoid to keep yourself feeling, looking and performing your very best.


    Contact: Rod Lane  

    Find out more about: Zelemiq

Programme leads: Growth Studio Group

The SIIP Programme is led by Growth and Commercialisation Strategists Growth Studio Group.

Having worked with over 500 startups to prepare to launch, raise funds and scale, Growth Studio have a global footprint spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America.

Described as the worlds most experienced startup acceleration team, Founders Paul Finch and Rayan Jawad will be bringing their expertise and knowledge on tackling the investment challenges for impact led startups to the SIIP Programme and working hands on with each team to prepare a confident investment proposition to present on Demo Day and to take to investors. You can contact them directly with any enquiries.

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