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Innovate UK Investor Connect is a safe, secure, regulated digital marketplace where innovative Innovate UK-backed businesses can come together with investors at the right point in their funding journey and secure the capital they need to grow through innovation. An initial cohort of businesses is now being onboarded and connected to Innovate UK’s investor partners to test, prove and refine the approach.

Investing in the Technologies of the Future

As the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK has an important role in bringing expertise, support and investment to businesses pursuing cutting edge innovations, accelerating new technologies to market to address societal challenges and drive economic growth in the UK. Each of these activities:

  • Takes on innovation risk, allowing private capital to go towards scaling the commercial activities of investee businesses
  • Creates pathways from concept to commercialisation, scale and growth – helping to simplify the innovation and business growth journey for businesses
  • Adds unique insights on emerging technologies, markets and opportunities on which businesses and investors can draw for their planning and analysis

Innovate UK Investor Connect is powered by Floww and brings businesses that have benefited from that support together with investors committed to working with Innovate UK across the innovation landscape as part of our wider engagement with the innovation finance eco-system.

We know that founders and business leaders spend significant time raising money; we know that investors receive and assess multiple requests for funding every year: Innovate UK Investor Connect aims to make these experiences easier, faster and more impactful.

Businesses already onboarded

An initial cohort of businesses is now being onboarded and connected to Innovate UK’s investor partners to test, prove and refine the approach. View a selection of businesses below.

Eluceda Limited

Eluceda is a detection technology business delivering powerful solutions for a wide range of applications, including product and brand authentication, biological and chemical testing, as well as in vitro diagnostics.

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Asset Handling Limited

Asset Handling is committed to assisting organisations in managing their resources and improving business performance.

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Fellten is a cutting-edge technology company specialising in manufacturing ISO-certified low-volume (20-500 units) battery packs for cars and boats.

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ICAX is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using heat pumps to achieve low carbon buildings.

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Investor Partners

Innovate UK has and continues to partner with a diverse group of credible investor partners, including venture capital funds, corporate investors, business angel groups, and social impact investors from the UK, Europe, and the US. These investors are committed to supporting innovative companies and providing the financing they need to grow and scale.

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