Civil Security

This cluster responds to the challenges arising from persistent security threats to citizens and communities and includes cybercrime and those resulting from natural and/or man-made events. It challenges innovators to address the biggest security issues of our day by developing ‘fit for purpose’ solutions.

Introduction to Civil Security

The Civil Security for Society Work Programme contains funding calls which focus on security, including cybersecurity, and disaster risk reduction and resilience. In addition, it will build on lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis in terms of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and capacity building for crises (including health crises) and in improving cross-sectoral aspects of such crises.

Each of the themed destinations challenge innovators to develop ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for the biggest security issues of our day. This includes persistent security threats like terrorism and crime, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

Work Programme summary and download

This Work Programme outlines the Civil Security in Society funding opportunities.


Funding calls

  • The overall goal of this destination is to fight crime and terrorism more effectively through better prevention, mitigation and investigation capabilities This destination covers a broad range of activities, from forensics to the management of big data to the investigation of cybercriminal activities. It aims to improve cross-border cooperation and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sharing data and intelligence between relevant agencies.

  • This destination aims to strengthen European land, air and sea external borders, without disrupting the safe travel of citizens and the work of those whose job it is to maintain border security. Research and Innovation requirements for this destination cover such things as integrated and continuous border surveillance, situational awareness, better risk detection, incident response and crime prevention.

  • This destination strives to maintain the integrity of infrastructures (physical and/or virtual) during attacks and crucially ensure that societal and economic function is not negatively impacted upon during such events. The research and innovation required here is to ensure resilience is optimised against expected and unexpected events, natural or man-made events whether they be intentional, accidental or malicious.

  • This destination offers innovators to work towards supporting Europe so that it is ready and fit for the digital age. It seeks improved security of the online environment and for those that interact online whether that be of a private or business nature. Other aspects of this destination are to increase security of software, hardware and supply chains.

  • For the topics that fall under this destination there is a requirement for innovative solutions that work towards the prevention of disasters and additionally, ensure improved preparedness when they do occur. These calls also aim to empower citizens during disaster events and for first and second responders at scene to be armed with improved technologies. There is a huge emphasis also to have a more efficient management system post disaster events through multi- disciplined and multi-sectoral collaborations.

  • Uptake of innovation into the real world has yet to fully transpire, hence the requirement for this destination. The objective here is to contribute, through the development of new and a diverse set of instruments, the means to facilitate bringing new security developments closer to the market. The new instruments should aim to reinforce the innovation cycle and provide better analysis tools of security needs and gaps. Furthermore, the development of new evidence-based frameworks should enhance the impacts of security innovations, such as those required by all of the above destinations.

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